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DR. WILLIAM MACCRUM: I Side With Attorney General Todd Rokita

Marc Tuttle

May 17, 2023

The case against Dr. Caitlin Bernard is about patient privacy, and mandatory reporting of rape

(Dr. Caitiln Bernard/Twitter)
The case against Dr. Caitlin Bernard will be heard Thursday by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board (Dr. Caitiln Bernard/Twitter)

The Indiana Medical Licensing board is scheduled to hear the well-publicized case against abortionist Dr. Caitlin Bernard this Thursday.

While media accounts have portrayed this as everything from a witch hunt to a personal vendetta on the part of Attorney General Todd Rokita, the case against Dr. Bernard actually touches on foundational ethical principals lying at the heart of medicine -- patient confidentiality, and protecting patients from harm and abuse.

The case stems from an abortion Dr Bernard committed after a 10 year-old rape victim was sent to Indiana to skirt Ohio law. Dr. Bernard allegedly not only failed to properly notify authorities about the rape, but she is also accused of revealing personal medical information of a young patient for political purposes at a rally.

Dr. William Maccrum in the Hamilton County Reporter, pointed out that the case against Dr. Bernard is about two things - violating a young patient's expectation of privacy for political gain, and sending an abuse victim back to her abuser with out properly notifying authorities.

"This was an egregious violation of patient privacy and of an innocent 10-year-old girl’s rights. It is especially repugnant to use a child facing a traumatic experience as a political pawn for the purpose of advancing an ideological view.

Attorney General Rokita’s Office’s legal duty is to enforce patient privacy rules – not just in one case but any time it occurs." As the Medical Licensing Board and Attorney General's office prepare to hear the case against abortionist Caitlin Bernard on Thursday, please pray that justice will be done and the integrity of medical ethics upheld. CLICK HERE TO READ DR. MACCRUM'S FULL ARTICLE

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