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Indiana Medical Licensing Board Reprimands Abortionist in case of 10-year-old rape victim

Marc Tuttle

May 26, 2023

Medical Licensing Board Rules Abortionist Violated Patient Privacy Laws

After nearly 14 hours of testimony yesterday, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board ruled that abortionist Dr. Caitlin Bernard violated state and federal patient privacy laws in her handling of an abortion she performed on a 10-year-old rape victim who was brought to Indiana from Ohio last summer.


The board declined to take action on two other counts against her, and opted to fine her $3000, rather than revoke her medical license.


This is a horrific case stemming from a horrific situation. We are grateful that Attorney General Todd Rokita was able address the breach of professional trust committed by Dr. Caitlin Bernard.  The case itself reveals to Hoosiers how abortionists operate.   Dr. Bernard readily and willingly put her patient -- who was not consulted or willing -- into the public light for her own agenda. She then deflected almost all accountability to her hospital employer, then to child protective services, then to law enforcement and then to the attorney general. It's clear that hospitals in our community should be thinking intensely about the liability abortionists like Dr. Bernard create for them, as well as their ability to protect victims from being placed back into homes and circumstances where they can be easy prey for sexual assault again.


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